Sunday, April 26, 2009


'A Duelist isnt just dictated by the deck he uses but by both skill and deck as one.'- Some guy.

First lets look at a deck that is the fusion between Flamvell and Volcanics.



3 Flamvell Helldoggy
3 Volcanic rocket
3 Volcanic scattershot
3 Flamvell gurnika
2 Flamvell Magician
1 Morphing jar.


3 Trueflame eruption
2 Blaze accelerator
1 Brain control
1 Heavy storm
1 Monster reborn


3 Flamvell Counter
3 solemn
3 Bottomless trap hole
1 Ceasefire
1 Magic cylinder
1 Mirror force

This deck's element of burn comes mostly from the trap cards but you may ask why Volcanics, isnt Flamvell alone good enough!!?
True but The advantage of adding in Volcanics is for the synergy like Rockets searching for Blaze . Also the deck is strong as a beatdown deck as the deck has 9 main beatsticks.
Flamvell magicial is there as a tuner, thus making lvl 8 synchros like stardust be able to see play.

The MAIN aim is to Finiah the opponent off with Explosion of true flames which can make apossible OTK given the right monsters.

2 Gurnika+ 2 Magicial+ 1 Helldog= 8100 atk damage

With an F. Counter or 2 set you can prevent anything except gors or tragoedia.