Monday, May 11, 2009


Thinking about originality in Yugioh is hard if you don’t have an idea of what you want to achieve in the game.
You can easily just netdeck a top tier deck if you want and feel empty winning with it or enjoy flaunting its power out.
Yugioh , a game where everyone wants to win. A game where people want to have fun.

Thing is, Competition and Fun have never been friends.
If thats the case how can originality be top in the meta?

Have we ever noticed the creator of Tele-DaD or OTK combos or even decks that have topped in previous formats.

Do we even acknowledge the Yugitubers on Youtube who make vids hoping to share their knowledge on the game to the public, only to be shunned by the potential subscribers who compare their works to other Yugituber with hundreds more subscribers then them.

Hmmmm interesting logic , Forget those who try and glorify those who are.

The Deck for this post is for those who try.
The fallen had tried too.
Monsters- 18
1 Dark armed
3 Asomodeus
2 Darklord Zerato
2 vandalgon
1 Desire
1 Chaos socerer
2 bountiful artemis
2 hecatice
2 herald of creation
1 Morphing jar
1 Dark creator

1 Monster reborn
2 Allure of darkness
3 Valhalla
3 Trade in
1 D.D.R.

Traps- 12

3 solemn
2 Dark bribe
2 epidemic virus
2 Deck destruction virus
2 escape from the dark dimension
1 Mirror force

Fallen angels, Twilight Fairies, Twilight counter fairies.
Theme deck...... an expensive one. Are they Meta? Or are they Theme?
Even a Fallen angel deck can lie on the line that divides Meta and Theme.
Originality , is another story for another format.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Comments on the Meta

Meta, why was it called Meta in the first place>>???
i remember a time where having 2 to 3 Blue eyes white dragon was a must which then changed to a period where:

i remove 1 light 1 dark to bring out chaos emperor dragon!!!! Blow up whole field! and my sangan on the field blows up to search yata garatsu now i win by locking you down with constant directs from both monsters!

That was called the Chaos era before a certain list helped prevent Yugioh from becoming an empty money game: Ban list.

Multiple reactions along the years and soon we figure out patterns and predict which decks could get hit and when to stock up on a certain kind of deck and what not to buy near the next list.

As Yugioh became more fast paced we slowly forget the good times, in THIS meta even a Frickin kitty can do serious damage in the meta, whats next watapon????

Past: Big monsters+ broken cards [ Raigeki, Harpie F. duster] boom and pwn.Combos that give the name chaos a place in Yugioh History.

Now: Little monsters [ rescue cat, gale] can do game breaking stunts like shrinking a 3000 atk monster to 1500 [ not so strong now huh Kaiba?]
then do epic combos to win.

Past: Chaos era

Now: Cat era



Chaos dragon and Black luster Soldier : foils and hard to get

Rescue cat and Airbellum and summo priest: commons .

Chaos cards: solo solo can win!

Cat cards: combos to win!


now that we think about it the meta there was more chaotic that the innocent Kitty era down here 0.0 !