Sunday, May 3, 2009

Comments on the Meta

Meta, why was it called Meta in the first place>>???
i remember a time where having 2 to 3 Blue eyes white dragon was a must which then changed to a period where:

i remove 1 light 1 dark to bring out chaos emperor dragon!!!! Blow up whole field! and my sangan on the field blows up to search yata garatsu now i win by locking you down with constant directs from both monsters!

That was called the Chaos era before a certain list helped prevent Yugioh from becoming an empty money game: Ban list.

Multiple reactions along the years and soon we figure out patterns and predict which decks could get hit and when to stock up on a certain kind of deck and what not to buy near the next list.

As Yugioh became more fast paced we slowly forget the good times, in THIS meta even a Frickin kitty can do serious damage in the meta, whats next watapon????

Past: Big monsters+ broken cards [ Raigeki, Harpie F. duster] boom and pwn.Combos that give the name chaos a place in Yugioh History.

Now: Little monsters [ rescue cat, gale] can do game breaking stunts like shrinking a 3000 atk monster to 1500 [ not so strong now huh Kaiba?]
then do epic combos to win.

Past: Chaos era

Now: Cat era



Chaos dragon and Black luster Soldier : foils and hard to get

Rescue cat and Airbellum and summo priest: commons .

Chaos cards: solo solo can win!

Cat cards: combos to win!


now that we think about it the meta there was more chaotic that the innocent Kitty era down here 0.0 !


  1. wow. Thats... pretty deep stuff.

    Indeed. this meta needs less comboes and more things that stand on their own two/four/sixteen feet.

  2. heh new cards suck in comparison too old ones !

  3. I laughed reading the post. I guess the game needs to evolve to keep up with other card games worldwide.