Tuesday, June 23, 2009

How to make a Deck or How to feel like making a Deck Part 1

Long time since my last post, Writer's Block and Worlds Qualifier can do this to your head sometimes.

Hello and welcome to a new fearture length Article that you may or may not feel like reading if you have the following effects:

- Feel bored reading this
- Don't want to make your 'own' deck , would rather netdeck
- Im too lazy, Nomad suffer from Writer's block,i suffer from Reader's block!

If so go smack yourself on the head and start re reading from the top.

Today we are going to analyse how to make a deck and why we shouldn't simply Netdeck.

What is a Deck?? Is it something that we use to play a card game?

Or is it something we can call our own? Our Own creation.

Lets see,

A funny thing about decks is that they then be judged differently by different players but 1 kind of deck any player or most of any player would be Competitive decks.

A scale of a Player's judgement of Decks

Poorly made deck >>>> Obviously not well received.
The 'I tried to use my Brain to make one' Deck>>> If poorly made then it can end up like the above or if well made look below
Well designed and Structured Decks>>> Can be Tournament Worthy.
Ok Confirm can Top 2 Deck>>> Has been field tested properly with good results.
Everyone wants to play this deck!>>>At this level Deck can 'convert' more users to build its kind.
Everyone Plays this>>>> Level whereby it is now Meta breaking and everyone is making this deck for themselves!

However, lets look at the phases a Deck goes through before being made:

Owner's Playing Style [ Slow paced,Fast paced,swarmer,Aggro ]

Owner's Preference [ eg. i prefer to run Gale over Armageddon knight etc]

Owner's Budget [ Getting Boosters or single cards ]

and Overall Skill level of the Duelist.

After much research and thought, the deck must run by the following:

- Theme: A symbol and style of what the deck will become

- Strategy: 1 or more Strategies available to the player fixed into the deck.

-Synergy:How well the deck will run.

Notice that these factors are the things ASSUMED to be in top form in the mindset of a Netdecker.

Lets talk About Netdecking.

Netdecking: Copying a Deck from an online source ( eg. Forums like Pojo,TCGPlayer.com)

Now its easy to Netdeck, this has been proven as we all see the same deck being used but with a slight 1 or 2 card change.

Lets do something and pretend we are in Netdecking mode ( its in all of us .)
Find a deck you LIKE , something you ve never made but are now seeing in front of you.

As you are 'Copying' the Deck,card for card, think for a minute.

"After i DO make the deck can i get it to work or even can i use it successfully"

People Netdeck because they Either:

-Want to be strong but don't know how to.
- New to the game and want to make a new for themselves
- Wants to 'archive' the deck
- Driven to this because of an upcoming Tourney or event and has been losing with his creation

Note: I don't Hate or look down on Netdecking , but i have friends who Netdeck and it is sometimes because their 'fun' Factor in Yugioh is lost to them, Now theres only :

1.Copy Deck,change abit then use

2. Win or lose
-if lose go back to 1.

It repeats.

After doing this multiple times, the mindset sets in and we have a case whereby Yugioh becomes a Game for Netdeckers.

However, Decks like Black Feather/BlackWing would have a standard of cards that will be a must to use like 3 Gale ,3 Qualat/Kalut etc.
Building a Deck like this only needs common sense for some parts then player deckskill for the remainder.

I guess this is the part where i leave you to Your thoughts


Monday, May 11, 2009


Thinking about originality in Yugioh is hard if you don’t have an idea of what you want to achieve in the game.
You can easily just netdeck a top tier deck if you want and feel empty winning with it or enjoy flaunting its power out.
Yugioh , a game where everyone wants to win. A game where people want to have fun.

Thing is, Competition and Fun have never been friends.
If thats the case how can originality be top in the meta?

Have we ever noticed the creator of Tele-DaD or OTK combos or even decks that have topped in previous formats.

Do we even acknowledge the Yugitubers on Youtube who make vids hoping to share their knowledge on the game to the public, only to be shunned by the potential subscribers who compare their works to other Yugituber with hundreds more subscribers then them.

Hmmmm interesting logic , Forget those who try and glorify those who are.

The Deck for this post is for those who try.
The fallen had tried too.
Monsters- 18
1 Dark armed
3 Asomodeus
2 Darklord Zerato
2 vandalgon
1 Desire
1 Chaos socerer
2 bountiful artemis
2 hecatice
2 herald of creation
1 Morphing jar
1 Dark creator

1 Monster reborn
2 Allure of darkness
3 Valhalla
3 Trade in
1 D.D.R.

Traps- 12

3 solemn
2 Dark bribe
2 epidemic virus
2 Deck destruction virus
2 escape from the dark dimension
1 Mirror force

Fallen angels, Twilight Fairies, Twilight counter fairies.
Theme deck...... an expensive one. Are they Meta? Or are they Theme?
Even a Fallen angel deck can lie on the line that divides Meta and Theme.
Originality , is another story for another format.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Comments on the Meta

Meta, why was it called Meta in the first place>>???
i remember a time where having 2 to 3 Blue eyes white dragon was a must which then changed to a period where:

i remove 1 light 1 dark to bring out chaos emperor dragon!!!! Blow up whole field! and my sangan on the field blows up to search yata garatsu now i win by locking you down with constant directs from both monsters!

That was called the Chaos era before a certain list helped prevent Yugioh from becoming an empty money game: Ban list.

Multiple reactions along the years and soon we figure out patterns and predict which decks could get hit and when to stock up on a certain kind of deck and what not to buy near the next list.

As Yugioh became more fast paced we slowly forget the good times, in THIS meta even a Frickin kitty can do serious damage in the meta, whats next watapon????

Past: Big monsters+ broken cards [ Raigeki, Harpie F. duster] boom and pwn.Combos that give the name chaos a place in Yugioh History.

Now: Little monsters [ rescue cat, gale] can do game breaking stunts like shrinking a 3000 atk monster to 1500 [ not so strong now huh Kaiba?]
then do epic combos to win.

Past: Chaos era

Now: Cat era



Chaos dragon and Black luster Soldier : foils and hard to get

Rescue cat and Airbellum and summo priest: commons .

Chaos cards: solo solo can win!

Cat cards: combos to win!


now that we think about it the meta there was more chaotic that the innocent Kitty era down here 0.0 !

Sunday, April 26, 2009


'A Duelist isnt just dictated by the deck he uses but by both skill and deck as one.'- Some guy.

First lets look at a deck that is the fusion between Flamvell and Volcanics.



3 Flamvell Helldoggy
3 Volcanic rocket
3 Volcanic scattershot
3 Flamvell gurnika
2 Flamvell Magician
1 Morphing jar.


3 Trueflame eruption
2 Blaze accelerator
1 Brain control
1 Heavy storm
1 Monster reborn


3 Flamvell Counter
3 solemn
3 Bottomless trap hole
1 Ceasefire
1 Magic cylinder
1 Mirror force

This deck's element of burn comes mostly from the trap cards but you may ask why Volcanics, isnt Flamvell alone good enough!!?
True but The advantage of adding in Volcanics is for the synergy like Rockets searching for Blaze . Also the deck is strong as a beatdown deck as the deck has 9 main beatsticks.
Flamvell magicial is there as a tuner, thus making lvl 8 synchros like stardust be able to see play.

The MAIN aim is to Finiah the opponent off with Explosion of true flames which can make apossible OTK given the right monsters.

2 Gurnika+ 2 Magicial+ 1 Helldog= 8100 atk damage

With an F. Counter or 2 set you can prevent anything except gors or tragoedia.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

AKB: an analysis

Today, im reviewing the AKB [ Arcanite Beat]

Firstly lets look at the deck taken from the shriek OCG blog


Monsters [ 21 ]

1 Tragoedia
1 Gorz
1 chaos socerer
3 X-Saber airbellum
2 rescue cat
2 summon priest
1 Gravekeeper Guard
2 Gravekeeper Spy
1 cyber dragon
1 sangan
1 N.S. Dark panther
1 Ryko
1 D.D. crow
1 BF Gale
1 Sea koala
1 Dark Armed Dragon


2 Pot of Avarice
1 Gold sac
2 mind control
2 cold wave
1 Brain control
1 Heavy storm
1 Giant Trunade
1 Monster reborn
1 Forbidden chalice
2 book of moon

Traps: 5

2 Bottomless trap hole
1 Mirror force
1 Trap dustshoot

Side deck:15

1 Ryko
1 Fissure
1 Smashing ground
2 Caius
2 Summon limit
1 Trap stun
2 Dimensional prison
1 Raiou
1 Breaker
1 King tiger Wanghu
2 Dust tornado

Now whats so different between this deck and a regular Beast synchro deck??

As u can see, the difference is that AKB focuses more on fitting the requirements for Dark Armed to come out and has multiple targets for CCV like dark panther, GK Guard and others.
With 2 pot of avarice, chaos sorcerer, ryko and tragoedia this deck could control the graveyard.Combne this control with the usual Beast synchro tactics to gain immense field presence with cards like Natural beast, DDB
and Arcanite Magician, the grave should fill up with Darks soon enough.
Gold sac was added inside to ensure a needed card in hand like DaD, Summon Priest,Pot or Rescue cat.

Beast synchro have always been a very strong decktype, given the fact that even 1 Dark Armed can make the deck competitive with enough Graveyard control then it s possible!

Another thing to note is the amount of field and hand control cards that are present in the deck.

Trap dustshoot,CCV,GK spy and Guard,Book of moon, Cold wave, Gold Sac, Mind control, Brain control.

These cards just makes t feel like a control deck waiting for the right moment to unleash havoc on your opponent!!!

However this is still to be considered a prototype meta deck despite its success as more effective variants could crop up based on this deck.

But it is fair to note that this is a very unique type of Beast synchro deck.

Why call t AKB? because Arcanite Magician cant be bottomless-ed and can blow the field, Maybe.

Monday, March 16, 2009


The Thought may sound funny but what if i didnt write an article UNTIL i did a deck that can work? i mean sure it ll prove that im a lazy bum but it also means i ll be having a new deck to use!

So i decided to make 3 decks

First deck is

Armoured Deformers[ Light ]


3 D. Videon
3 Honest
3 Shining angel
2 Scopen
2 boomboxen
2 boardon
2 pacchin
1 Sangan


3 D&C
3 Junk box
2 creature swap [ for shining angel or sangan]
2 Mage power
1 Limiter removal
1 Heavy storm
1 Axe of despair
1 pot of avarice
1 Lightning vortex
1 Monster reborn
1 United we stand


3 Solemn judgement
1 Mirror force
1 Beckoning light [ recycles Scopen and honest! ]

Total: 40 cards

Extra deck:9

2 Power tool dragon
2 Stardust
1 Goyo [ very rare case ]

This deck's synchros are usually lvl 7 and with all those equip spells, Power tool can really shine!

There are alot of cards that can help maximise this cards power like Arms hole but this current version works quite well, Videon was not really the main Deformer in Raging battle, i thought of making this to show that even he can play a part.
Honest is just Great in this deck! Even the 800 Atk Scopen can defeat something with the help of Honest!

Shining angel? he helps search out videon and scopen, works wonders with creature swap!

Even though Power tool dragon isnt a Light Attribute he can still be used with all these equp cards lying around in the deck.

Weakness: BF. They just swarm too much, however be assured that Delta crow will pose little threat as you only have 5 traps to set!

Thanks for reading !

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Card to Note 2

This card has a Very rare and Unique effect. Too unique to be a Common !

Bone Temple Block

Effect:Discard 1 card. Both players select 1 monster from their opponent's Graveyard and Special Summon it to ther own side of the field. The monsters Special Summoned by this effect are destroyed during the End Phase of the next turn.

Effectwise This card enables you to Special summon a Monster from your opponents Graveyard at the cost of a Hand card. Your opponent can also use this effect and turn your ace monster against you so the Decks that can benefit the most from this card are:

Decks with low atk Monsters:Ojama decks
Decks that have alot of Nomi Monsters: Sacred Beast deck
Decks that have effects that work for you and not your opponent:
Crystal Beast and Volcanic

However the thought of using your opponents Stardust can be alluring but one must never use this card in decks like BEWD or even High Levelled Dragon decks.

Turn-wise: This effect destroys the summoned Monsters at the end of the next turn so it is recommended to be used only on Your opponents turn,preferably during their end phase so as to prevent them from using any of your monster effects against you.

During your turn however you wil have to get through you own monster who is now on your opponents side.

Duelists have commented that this card has good situational purposes as you can find yourself using it to get through something like:

Special sumon opponent's Stardust

Battle phase attack, Opponent uses Mirror force , counter with SD effect.


Bone block at opponents end phase
Main phase Brain control Your Boned monster ,
tribute for RAIZA to topdeck opponent monster

Senario 2 is highly possible now that Raiza's at 2.

So think about this card as it may suit your deck if your the type that loves cards that are situational!

Card to Note!!! 1

A card that Has revolutionized BURN Decks and created the deck now known as 'Supermacy Burn'.

Supermacy Berry.

Effect:When your Life Points are lower than your opponent's, when you activate this card, increase your Life Points by 2000. When your Life Points are higher than your opponent's, inflict 1000 damage to your Life Points.

In my opinion, this is the HARDEST card to get in RGBT, i only got 1 after buying 4 Boxes!

so effectwise this card can save your life or Burn that tiny amount of life your opponent has left.

A deck that can run 3 of this are obviously Burn decks, now these decks havent seen that much popularity but this card is like a token of appreciation to burn decks for not being so rampant like in the past.

When i read about this deck it reminds me of Megamorph and Evolving Mankind,both of which are very under appreciated.

Supermacy berry is good in helping you sustain that few more hits or even those extra Lifepoints to use a crucial monster effect. It can help you recover after using solemn judgement but again this is Highly Splashable and Highly Situational.

What to write? Number 1

The reason for not writing in the past few days was resulted from what writers call a 'writer's block' which happens when they are in mindset that prevents them from writing.

But anyway today im doing a set overview:

The decks that Benefit from this set:
Sea Serpent
Core chimar [ Debut]
Rock decks
And of course Psychics

So what makes RGBT more popular than Crimson Crisis?
It has major support for BF and some new support for Dragons like:
Dragon's Vanguard




Effect:You can send 1 Dragon-Type monster from your hand to the Graveyard to have this card gain 300 ATK. When this card you control is destroyed by an opponent's card effect and sent to Graveyard, you can Special Summon 1 Dragon-Type Normal Monster from either player's Graveyard.

So we think, Normal Monster so what? This card clearly works best in a Blue Eyes White Dragon deck!

I mean this card has alot of good uses in BEWD deck,for example:

Dump White of Legend search for BEWD [ Sucks if Raiou is on the field Though cause Raiou prevents searching to hand!]

Dump BEWD use Swing of Memories,Birthright or even Monster reborn.

Either way this card becomes 1900 ATK and Note that the ATK gain is not until the end phase so Next turn this guy can be Pumping 2200 ATK! thats BIG for a Level 4!

Now we go onto Psychics! Now we think that they are not worth the while anymore because E-Teleport is Limited but Wait just a minute! They still have a chance!

Enhanced Humanity, Psycho




Effect:Up to twice per turn, you can remove 1 Psychic-Type monster in your Graveyard from play to have this card gain 500 ATK.

Weired Name but Broken card!

Keyword: Twice!

In one turn this card's ATK can become 2500! And the missing KEY phrase 'Until the End Phase' tells us that should this card survive the first turn the next turn could make his ATK 3500!!!

2500 ATK can kil any Monarch and Ram toe to toe with Stardust but 3500! Thats Ridiculous!!!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

After the March Banlist 2009: BFs set to storm!!!

Today im writing about Black Feathers [ Blackwings in the TCG and BFs for short] .

Early on i wrote about 1 decktype:Lightsworns that were set to top in TCG but in the OCG there are some Feathered Rivals ready to brew up some competition against our LIGHT types.

They are the Black Feathers and are FAMOUS for SWARMING and in many players opinions are more Broken than Lightsworns as they have their own 'DISHONEST' and BF 'harpie feather duster.

Delta Crow - Anti Reverse

Activate only if you control a "Blackwing" monster. This card can be activated from your hand if you control 3 or more "Blackwing" monsters. Destroy all face-down Spell and Trap Cards your opponent controls.

Blackwing - Qal'at of the Moonlight

By sending this card from your hand to the Graveyard during the Damage Step when 1 face-up "Blackwing" monster you control battles, that monster gains 1400 ATK until the End Phase of that turn.

So you have seen these 2 Broken cards ,wait til you see the BFs Everlasting ROTA!!!!

Jet-Black Whirlwind

When a "Blackwing" monster is Normal Summoned to your side of the field, add 1 "Blackwing" monster with a lower ATK from your Deck to your hand.

Some Duelists Heavily underestimate this card but it is an important staple in the BF decks as:

It supplies the swarming protocol for BFs

It thins the deck for better draws

It can help you get Qa'lat in case you need to defeat a higher ATK monster.

Now onto the Mechanics of the BF deck.

2 to 3 Gale of the Hurricane: Every turn shrinker and a tuner

3 Blast of Black Lance: Special summoning Mayhem and Piercing damage is always good together!

3 Shura of the Azure Flame: He is good at special summoning BFs from the deck and combos with Whirlwind and Gale.

0 to 2 Sirroco of Dawn: This guy is popular but not really a staple but he does well with whirlwind and sets the motion for swarming.

3 Qa'lat: 3 'dishonest' is the same as 3 honest in a LS deck so it is perfect logic. players usually search this with the whirlwind.

1 Elfen of the Pitch-Black: Not really Popular but he combos with whirlwind and controls opponents battle position to make it easier to destroy a hard to kill Monster like Goyo to Defense and ram with Elfen.

2 to3 Blizzard of the North Pole: Good for Synchro ,the Junk synchron of BFs is also good for bringing out Goyo,Brionac and the new Arms wing.

0 to 1 Dark Armed Dragon: It really depends as sone BF users have problems controlling the Graveyard.Nonetheless this card is a good game breaker and though Limited still deserves a place here.


3 Jet Black whirlwind: The Unlimited ROTA for BFs, with this first turn swarming is very much possible.

2 to 3 Dark Eruption: As most important BFs have less than 1500 atk this card helps reuse them, Also helps reuse Qa'lat.

2 Allure of Darkness: BFs are ALL Dark so this card should be in the deck.

0 to 2 Shrink: should Gale be inaccessible then this is an alternative.

1 to 2 Double Summon: this card helps the Brokeness of whirlwind ,Helps Elfen come out after first summon and prevents Sirroco's summon not to be a waste.


2 to 3 Icarus Attack: This is another reason BFs are more broken than LS ,because their Attribute and Type fit the bll for some of the most Broken cards overlooked by the unseen eye.3 in my opinion is a dead draw unless your BFs are swarming near full field first turn.

2 Ultimate offering: Being semi-ed gives this card an advantage for BFs, Swarming for BFs will have a new meaning called ,'the Broken usage of the Jet whirlwind!' possibly ending with a Qa'lat in hand after the field is full.

Extra deck:

2 BRD: to blow up the field should you be playing against stall,lockdown or something that can swarm faster and have more broken effects against BFs . Ironically this is also run against BFs to destroy their swarmed field.

2 Armoured wing: With a protection from battle and damage, this card's ramming into a JD can have dangerous outcomes in the next turn.

1 to 2 Arms wing: Players prefer Goyo and Brionac over this but since their Limiting this card has a chance to shine , with an Atk boost of 500 and the piercing damage available ,this card can shine in the next 6 months.

1 Brionac: Good limited card,as usual helps for the summoning requirements for DaD at the same tme clearing opponents field.This card is a legend in the OCG for its Brokeness .

So a BF deck should look something like:


1 DaD
3 Blas of B.Lance
3 Gale
3 Qa'lat
3 Shura
2 Sirroco
2 Blizzard of N. Pole
1 Elfen
1 Mystic tomato


3 Jet Whirlwind
2 Shrink
2 Allure of Darkness
2 Dark Eruption
1 Heavy storm
1 Monster reborn
1 Double summon


3 Solemn
3 Delta crow
2 Ultimate offering
2 icarus attack

Total M:S:T ratio
total: 41

side deck:14

3 Trap eater
3 Anti spell Fragrance
3 Light imprisoning mirror
2 Twister
1 Double summon
1 Icarus attack
1 Breaker

Extra deck:12

2 Stardust dragon
2 Colossal fighter
2 Armoured wing
1 Arms wing
1 Goyo
1 Brionac
1 Magical Android

BFs weakness:

Summon limit
Lightning vortex
Control decks
Royal Oppression [ Obvious]
STUN decks

BFs strengths:

Controlling opponents monsters ATK/DEF and Battle positions
Ridiculously Large support: 'Dishonest', Delta crow and Umlimited ROTA.
Favour with the Banlist: Ultimate offering became semi-ed so yeah more Brokeness.

Moral of the Story: LS vs BF who will win??? who will rise in this format ?
Now that you know the sides whose will you choose???

A new era??!: Lightsworns

Since the release of LODT Lightsworns have been a classic favourite. At first the thought of Milling yourself was ridiculous but after reading effects like Celestia , Judgement Dragon and Lumina OCG players realized that ' Hey heres somethng else we could use against DaD' and so Lightlords as they were called in the OCG were added into the pro circuit in Japan.

Despite popularity with other decks like Tele-DaD,STUN and GBs in the TCG, TragoGenex, Beast Synchro, Undead Synchro and D.D. GBs in the OCG, Lightsworns proved to be a force that rivals everything.

With Lyla and lumina as spellcasters the secret village of the spellcasters saw less play in the OCG , Judgement Dragon himself was easier to play in this format and had the Atk cap of 3000!!! No wonder People have claimed that this card was better than Dark Armed and Stardust!!

With the March Banlist of 2009, the Lightsworn decks have higher chances of topping the next 6 months until the next list, lets analyze an OCG lightsworn.

OCG lightsworn decks DO NOT have Charge of the Light Brigade and Ehren as they were TCG exclusive, you can imagine how hard it was to face DaD decks without those key cards.

2 JD [ Obvious]

3 Lumina [ Primary summoner always at 3]

2 to 3 Lyla [ Depends if your opponent plays heavy s/t . OCG is usually in 3s as this can is considered the subsitue for Ehren!]

1 Jain [ at 1 is fine as his usually for JD summoning requirements]

1 to 2 Garoth [ He is useful for extra milling and hand advantage]

2 to 3 wulf [ A good debate is whether one should max this out as sometimes he can be a dead draw]

2 to 3 celestia: The Monarch for Lightsworns, always good to max if you run a build of 22 to 26 monsters, in my opinion one of the best milling as 4 cards is ALOT!]

2 to 3 Necro Gardna: The last card any non LS duelist wants to face, good for preventing otk, usually players max this guy out as he is discard material for lumina,Monster reincarnation or Foolish burial.

1 Zombie carrier/Plaguespreader zombie : This is the ONLY tuner LS is using right now due to the fact that he is a mill target and a hand discard material.

3 Honest: The Best battle trick since shrink!!! He fits so well with the LS as he is Light and works for Light!!!

1 Ryko: why not more in an LS build? well he has to be set and in this format setting is something not to be done as Nobleman of crossout is at unlimited ,but he deserves mention as he helps mill 3 cards.


3 solar recharge: Note that this card is the draw engine for LS

1 COSR: Being limited and the only card in LS decks to get hit by Banlist !!! Lumina's special summoning effect would be without 1 bonus card draw!

2 to 3 Monster reincarnation: A good card to get back your JD should he be unfortunately milled, also good for discarding a deadhand wulf,Necro Gardna or zombie carrier.Beware of DD Crow though.

2 cold wave: good with a combo with Lyla but only use when you dot have that many spells / traps in your hand!


2 to3 threathening roar: Should something go wrong its good to be safe for 1 turn!

2 to3 beckoning light: Preferred in 2 s as 3 = dead draw!!! This is a trap alternative for Monster reincarnation as it dumps massive amounts of Necro gardnas in the GY all at once.

3 Royal Decree: Better in the Side deck as Beckoning light is too good a trap to be negated.

3 imperial iron wall: this card counters LS's weakness: D.D. decks. However note that D.D. decks will side in Dust tornado or Breaker!!!

3 Shadow imprisoning mirror: in the TCG this may be seen as unnessesary due to Tele-DaD but this is important against Black Feathers in OCG.

Weaknessses of The LS:

D.D. decks
Light imprisoning mirror
over milling

Well that concludes this LS article!!!
Play and fun !!!!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A deck after the Ban:Angels

Today we look at an upcoming fav in Japan which is said to be the NEXT GEN Angel[ Fairy in the TCG ] Control build.

Heres a vid by Chakid001 [ cut and paste URL onto your window]


As you can see Christia was very powerful!!!

But what makes this deck popular is the fact that it was not affected by the banlist!!!

Here is the Decklist taken from Chakid001's own blog!

For reference this deck was created by THUNDER! Manager Ikeda's Shop assistant.



3 Archlord Christia
2 Venus
2 Zeradias
3 Hecatrice
3 Honest
3 Nova summoner
3 Athena
Spells- 15

3 Valhalla
3 Trade in
2 foolish burial
2 Sanctuary in the sky
1 Monster reincarnation
1 Lightning vortex
1 Monster reborn
1 Pot of Avarice


3 solemn judgement
1 Mirror force
1 Ultimate offering
1 Transmigration prophecy.

This build focuses on getting Christia out the first turn, Splendid venus can be special summoned via use of Valhalla and when Beatdown is not an option you can use the Athena burn method

Valhalla to s. summon Athena

activate face down Ultimate Offering

Pay to Normal summon Honest

use Honest's effect to return himself to the hand

Repeat untill Opponent is dead

Athena burns 600 everything an Angel/Fairy is summoned

Note: You must have considerable amount lifepoints to pull this off, Harder to use inthis deck as you have solemn judgment!!!

Thats all for now !

Take care and Play safe!!!

New Banlist : The death of Meta decks!!

Hi ! today is a good day in YGO as Many rejoice as Top decks like UnDEAD Synchro in the OCG and TELE-DaD in the TCG go down as the NEW MARCH 2009 BANLIST APPEARS!

The list

No new restrictions

Limited :

Brionac: Expected due to Broken usage

DaD: Highly expected

Goyo: Understandable due to being a HEAVY HITTER and a Broken effect

Chaos socerer: Hello! i remember using you once or twice in the Chaos era of 2003! welcome back pal!

Bestiari!!!: NOOOO , GBs is screwed,can samnite save the day?

Zombie carrier/Plaguspreader zombie: Good as his responsible for reusage of a dead hand malicious and grave effect.

Mezuki: The one of BROKEN zombie effects is now limited! I personally liked this card but he was too Broken.

Emergency Teleport: expected due to abuse with krebon and malicious

Cosr: 3 = too broken,2=still too broken,1=heavily slowed draw engine!

ROTA: A sad day for warriors, not much reinforcements left now huh?


Green baboon: Will this card repeat the SAME mistakes that got it into the Banlist? find out in the folowing months!

Raiza: Tele Monarchs may have lost their teleports but Raiza is at 2 so Monarchs CAN make a comeback [Psst! Level warrior says HI!]

D Hero Malicious: the prime synchro material will now see less or no play in our next few months!

D Draw: Honestly , quite random....

Ultimate Offering: Black Feathers are coming for YOU!

Mind crush: will HONEST ever be safe again?


Twin headed behemoth: ??? havent seen this guy in a while!

Dark Manticore: with only 1 COSR this card is waaay less broken than before!

Book of moon: cool, but we are so used to playing 2!

Nobleman of crossout: ..... Anybody still sets?

The Banlist has Killed or touched the following decks:

Undead syn. [ duh!]
Tele-DaD [Duh!]
GBs : All variants
Warrior decks : slowed
Plasma deck: Unless you can find new draw engines , your screwed!
Tele-Monarch: Probably changing into lvl Monarch!
Zombie decks: How to cure?

Decks UNTOUCHED or scraped or Helped by the list:

Lightsworn [ we have a winner!]
Beast Synchro[ We have an OCG winner!]
Beast beatdown[ Baboon returns!]
Anti Meta!![ Provided if there IS anything left to negate :>]
Spellcaster: Breaker wasnt Banned and chaos socerer returns to his friends!
Black Feathers/ Blackwings: Another contender for the NEXT TOP DECK IN THE OCG!!!!
Deformer/Morphtronic: without DaDs to bully us we can be cool again!

SO many decks have been helped !, the age of trouble is OVER !

Now is Probably the best time own a BF or Lightsworn deck cuz reason being , ITS GONNA BE A HELL OF A GOOD 6 MONTHS!!! before konami realizes their mistake of making them!!!

were not banned, limited ,semied or even exported to Mars!

Monday, February 16, 2009

How to start out

Hello , This is my blog dedicated to Yugioh .

To accomodate to TCG and OCG players i will do my best to explain the effects of the cards in OCG and rulings of certain cards.

My first topic is on how to start out in Yugioh , i have been playing this game since Spell ruler was out so if i take it from my experience it will be very inaccurate as YGO wasnt the best at that time it was Magic .

When the first Banlist appeared i figured it was time to take tme off YGO as i didnt like where this was going , in mid 2007 i come back to see an improvement in the game with structure decks on different themes out and more players of old coming back.

Now enough of my rambling, if you want to start out in YGO you must consider 2 things:

Budget : when playing competitively you would need $ to buy new cards to equip your deck. In my opinion , Cards in your Album [ Binder in the TCG] can also be deemed as a form of Budget as it helps in TRADING , an important skill that gets players from place to place. Don't need a Card? dont toss it away keep it in your Album as Trade bait. But becareful not to get SCAMMED, something that newer players tend be victims of.

Deck: Your deck gives you the ability to play the game, 40 to 60 cards in a deckbox that signifies your legacy in YGO.

Some tips you can use is to get friends in YGO to help and guide you , they can be fellow starters or Experts who don't mind helping you.

Also when there are enough of Duelists in your group, try forming a team.

Remember that in a team you are:

- Harder to be a victim of scam
- Able to improve through constant playtesting and modification with your friends or team mates

Playtesting is a term for training decks by dueling , each duelist has a limit of playtesting before their head hurts, for me its 10 to 25 times, but once your head starts hurting drink some water as it cools you down.

Also when you do start out you must know the RULES of yugioh and the cards. OCG cards unreadable? try going to sites on the internet like


Also if your an OCG player you can check out the following site:


This site confirms upcoming products from Konami and has proven to be very reliable.

If your a TCG player note that TCG closely follows the OCG but the only difference being that certan cards are unavailable in TCG and that TCG will have some TCG cards that are exclusive.

Thats all for my first post!!