Monday, March 16, 2009


The Thought may sound funny but what if i didnt write an article UNTIL i did a deck that can work? i mean sure it ll prove that im a lazy bum but it also means i ll be having a new deck to use!

So i decided to make 3 decks

First deck is

Armoured Deformers[ Light ]


3 D. Videon
3 Honest
3 Shining angel
2 Scopen
2 boomboxen
2 boardon
2 pacchin
1 Sangan


3 D&C
3 Junk box
2 creature swap [ for shining angel or sangan]
2 Mage power
1 Limiter removal
1 Heavy storm
1 Axe of despair
1 pot of avarice
1 Lightning vortex
1 Monster reborn
1 United we stand


3 Solemn judgement
1 Mirror force
1 Beckoning light [ recycles Scopen and honest! ]

Total: 40 cards

Extra deck:9

2 Power tool dragon
2 Stardust
1 Goyo [ very rare case ]

This deck's synchros are usually lvl 7 and with all those equip spells, Power tool can really shine!

There are alot of cards that can help maximise this cards power like Arms hole but this current version works quite well, Videon was not really the main Deformer in Raging battle, i thought of making this to show that even he can play a part.
Honest is just Great in this deck! Even the 800 Atk Scopen can defeat something with the help of Honest!

Shining angel? he helps search out videon and scopen, works wonders with creature swap!

Even though Power tool dragon isnt a Light Attribute he can still be used with all these equp cards lying around in the deck.

Weakness: BF. They just swarm too much, however be assured that Delta crow will pose little threat as you only have 5 traps to set!

Thanks for reading !

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