Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Card to Note 2

This card has a Very rare and Unique effect. Too unique to be a Common !

Bone Temple Block

Effect:Discard 1 card. Both players select 1 monster from their opponent's Graveyard and Special Summon it to ther own side of the field. The monsters Special Summoned by this effect are destroyed during the End Phase of the next turn.

Effectwise This card enables you to Special summon a Monster from your opponents Graveyard at the cost of a Hand card. Your opponent can also use this effect and turn your ace monster against you so the Decks that can benefit the most from this card are:

Decks with low atk Monsters:Ojama decks
Decks that have alot of Nomi Monsters: Sacred Beast deck
Decks that have effects that work for you and not your opponent:
Crystal Beast and Volcanic

However the thought of using your opponents Stardust can be alluring but one must never use this card in decks like BEWD or even High Levelled Dragon decks.

Turn-wise: This effect destroys the summoned Monsters at the end of the next turn so it is recommended to be used only on Your opponents turn,preferably during their end phase so as to prevent them from using any of your monster effects against you.

During your turn however you wil have to get through you own monster who is now on your opponents side.

Duelists have commented that this card has good situational purposes as you can find yourself using it to get through something like:

Special sumon opponent's Stardust

Battle phase attack, Opponent uses Mirror force , counter with SD effect.


Bone block at opponents end phase
Main phase Brain control Your Boned monster ,
tribute for RAIZA to topdeck opponent monster

Senario 2 is highly possible now that Raiza's at 2.

So think about this card as it may suit your deck if your the type that loves cards that are situational!

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  1. Can only pull back level 4 and below...thanks....