Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A deck after the Ban:Angels

Today we look at an upcoming fav in Japan which is said to be the NEXT GEN Angel[ Fairy in the TCG ] Control build.

Heres a vid by Chakid001 [ cut and paste URL onto your window]


As you can see Christia was very powerful!!!

But what makes this deck popular is the fact that it was not affected by the banlist!!!

Here is the Decklist taken from Chakid001's own blog!

For reference this deck was created by THUNDER! Manager Ikeda's Shop assistant.



3 Archlord Christia
2 Venus
2 Zeradias
3 Hecatrice
3 Honest
3 Nova summoner
3 Athena
Spells- 15

3 Valhalla
3 Trade in
2 foolish burial
2 Sanctuary in the sky
1 Monster reincarnation
1 Lightning vortex
1 Monster reborn
1 Pot of Avarice


3 solemn judgement
1 Mirror force
1 Ultimate offering
1 Transmigration prophecy.

This build focuses on getting Christia out the first turn, Splendid venus can be special summoned via use of Valhalla and when Beatdown is not an option you can use the Athena burn method

Valhalla to s. summon Athena

activate face down Ultimate Offering

Pay to Normal summon Honest

use Honest's effect to return himself to the hand

Repeat untill Opponent is dead

Athena burns 600 everything an Angel/Fairy is summoned

Note: You must have considerable amount lifepoints to pull this off, Harder to use inthis deck as you have solemn judgment!!!

Thats all for now !

Take care and Play safe!!!

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  1. if sanctuary is on the field then u dont have to worry about having alot of lp :)