Thursday, February 19, 2009

After the March Banlist 2009: BFs set to storm!!!

Today im writing about Black Feathers [ Blackwings in the TCG and BFs for short] .

Early on i wrote about 1 decktype:Lightsworns that were set to top in TCG but in the OCG there are some Feathered Rivals ready to brew up some competition against our LIGHT types.

They are the Black Feathers and are FAMOUS for SWARMING and in many players opinions are more Broken than Lightsworns as they have their own 'DISHONEST' and BF 'harpie feather duster.

Delta Crow - Anti Reverse

Activate only if you control a "Blackwing" monster. This card can be activated from your hand if you control 3 or more "Blackwing" monsters. Destroy all face-down Spell and Trap Cards your opponent controls.

Blackwing - Qal'at of the Moonlight

By sending this card from your hand to the Graveyard during the Damage Step when 1 face-up "Blackwing" monster you control battles, that monster gains 1400 ATK until the End Phase of that turn.

So you have seen these 2 Broken cards ,wait til you see the BFs Everlasting ROTA!!!!

Jet-Black Whirlwind

When a "Blackwing" monster is Normal Summoned to your side of the field, add 1 "Blackwing" monster with a lower ATK from your Deck to your hand.

Some Duelists Heavily underestimate this card but it is an important staple in the BF decks as:

It supplies the swarming protocol for BFs

It thins the deck for better draws

It can help you get Qa'lat in case you need to defeat a higher ATK monster.

Now onto the Mechanics of the BF deck.

2 to 3 Gale of the Hurricane: Every turn shrinker and a tuner

3 Blast of Black Lance: Special summoning Mayhem and Piercing damage is always good together!

3 Shura of the Azure Flame: He is good at special summoning BFs from the deck and combos with Whirlwind and Gale.

0 to 2 Sirroco of Dawn: This guy is popular but not really a staple but he does well with whirlwind and sets the motion for swarming.

3 Qa'lat: 3 'dishonest' is the same as 3 honest in a LS deck so it is perfect logic. players usually search this with the whirlwind.

1 Elfen of the Pitch-Black: Not really Popular but he combos with whirlwind and controls opponents battle position to make it easier to destroy a hard to kill Monster like Goyo to Defense and ram with Elfen.

2 to3 Blizzard of the North Pole: Good for Synchro ,the Junk synchron of BFs is also good for bringing out Goyo,Brionac and the new Arms wing.

0 to 1 Dark Armed Dragon: It really depends as sone BF users have problems controlling the Graveyard.Nonetheless this card is a good game breaker and though Limited still deserves a place here.


3 Jet Black whirlwind: The Unlimited ROTA for BFs, with this first turn swarming is very much possible.

2 to 3 Dark Eruption: As most important BFs have less than 1500 atk this card helps reuse them, Also helps reuse Qa'lat.

2 Allure of Darkness: BFs are ALL Dark so this card should be in the deck.

0 to 2 Shrink: should Gale be inaccessible then this is an alternative.

1 to 2 Double Summon: this card helps the Brokeness of whirlwind ,Helps Elfen come out after first summon and prevents Sirroco's summon not to be a waste.


2 to 3 Icarus Attack: This is another reason BFs are more broken than LS ,because their Attribute and Type fit the bll for some of the most Broken cards overlooked by the unseen eye.3 in my opinion is a dead draw unless your BFs are swarming near full field first turn.

2 Ultimate offering: Being semi-ed gives this card an advantage for BFs, Swarming for BFs will have a new meaning called ,'the Broken usage of the Jet whirlwind!' possibly ending with a Qa'lat in hand after the field is full.

Extra deck:

2 BRD: to blow up the field should you be playing against stall,lockdown or something that can swarm faster and have more broken effects against BFs . Ironically this is also run against BFs to destroy their swarmed field.

2 Armoured wing: With a protection from battle and damage, this card's ramming into a JD can have dangerous outcomes in the next turn.

1 to 2 Arms wing: Players prefer Goyo and Brionac over this but since their Limiting this card has a chance to shine , with an Atk boost of 500 and the piercing damage available ,this card can shine in the next 6 months.

1 Brionac: Good limited card,as usual helps for the summoning requirements for DaD at the same tme clearing opponents field.This card is a legend in the OCG for its Brokeness .

So a BF deck should look something like:


1 DaD
3 Blas of B.Lance
3 Gale
3 Qa'lat
3 Shura
2 Sirroco
2 Blizzard of N. Pole
1 Elfen
1 Mystic tomato


3 Jet Whirlwind
2 Shrink
2 Allure of Darkness
2 Dark Eruption
1 Heavy storm
1 Monster reborn
1 Double summon


3 Solemn
3 Delta crow
2 Ultimate offering
2 icarus attack

Total M:S:T ratio
total: 41

side deck:14

3 Trap eater
3 Anti spell Fragrance
3 Light imprisoning mirror
2 Twister
1 Double summon
1 Icarus attack
1 Breaker

Extra deck:12

2 Stardust dragon
2 Colossal fighter
2 Armoured wing
1 Arms wing
1 Goyo
1 Brionac
1 Magical Android

BFs weakness:

Summon limit
Lightning vortex
Control decks
Royal Oppression [ Obvious]
STUN decks

BFs strengths:

Controlling opponents monsters ATK/DEF and Battle positions
Ridiculously Large support: 'Dishonest', Delta crow and Umlimited ROTA.
Favour with the Banlist: Ultimate offering became semi-ed so yeah more Brokeness.

Moral of the Story: LS vs BF who will win??? who will rise in this format ?
Now that you know the sides whose will you choose???

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