Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Card to Note!!! 1

A card that Has revolutionized BURN Decks and created the deck now known as 'Supermacy Burn'.

Supermacy Berry.

Effect:When your Life Points are lower than your opponent's, when you activate this card, increase your Life Points by 2000. When your Life Points are higher than your opponent's, inflict 1000 damage to your Life Points.

In my opinion, this is the HARDEST card to get in RGBT, i only got 1 after buying 4 Boxes!

so effectwise this card can save your life or Burn that tiny amount of life your opponent has left.

A deck that can run 3 of this are obviously Burn decks, now these decks havent seen that much popularity but this card is like a token of appreciation to burn decks for not being so rampant like in the past.

When i read about this deck it reminds me of Megamorph and Evolving Mankind,both of which are very under appreciated.

Supermacy berry is good in helping you sustain that few more hits or even those extra Lifepoints to use a crucial monster effect. It can help you recover after using solemn judgement but again this is Highly Splashable and Highly Situational.

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