Tuesday, February 17, 2009

New Banlist : The death of Meta decks!!

Hi ! today is a good day in YGO as Many rejoice as Top decks like UnDEAD Synchro in the OCG and TELE-DaD in the TCG go down as the NEW MARCH 2009 BANLIST APPEARS!

The list

No new restrictions

Limited :

Brionac: Expected due to Broken usage

DaD: Highly expected

Goyo: Understandable due to being a HEAVY HITTER and a Broken effect

Chaos socerer: Hello! i remember using you once or twice in the Chaos era of 2003! welcome back pal!

Bestiari!!!: NOOOO , GBs is screwed,can samnite save the day?

Zombie carrier/Plaguspreader zombie: Good as his responsible for reusage of a dead hand malicious and grave effect.

Mezuki: The one of BROKEN zombie effects is now limited! I personally liked this card but he was too Broken.

Emergency Teleport: expected due to abuse with krebon and malicious

Cosr: 3 = too broken,2=still too broken,1=heavily slowed draw engine!

ROTA: A sad day for warriors, not much reinforcements left now huh?


Green baboon: Will this card repeat the SAME mistakes that got it into the Banlist? find out in the folowing months!

Raiza: Tele Monarchs may have lost their teleports but Raiza is at 2 so Monarchs CAN make a comeback [Psst! Level warrior says HI!]

D Hero Malicious: the prime synchro material will now see less or no play in our next few months!

D Draw: Honestly , quite random....

Ultimate Offering: Black Feathers are coming for YOU!

Mind crush: will HONEST ever be safe again?


Twin headed behemoth: ??? havent seen this guy in a while!

Dark Manticore: with only 1 COSR this card is waaay less broken than before!

Book of moon: cool, but we are so used to playing 2!

Nobleman of crossout: ..... Anybody still sets?

The Banlist has Killed or touched the following decks:

Undead syn. [ duh!]
Tele-DaD [Duh!]
GBs : All variants
Warrior decks : slowed
Plasma deck: Unless you can find new draw engines , your screwed!
Tele-Monarch: Probably changing into lvl Monarch!
Zombie decks: How to cure?

Decks UNTOUCHED or scraped or Helped by the list:

Lightsworn [ we have a winner!]
Beast Synchro[ We have an OCG winner!]
Beast beatdown[ Baboon returns!]
Anti Meta!![ Provided if there IS anything left to negate :>]
Spellcaster: Breaker wasnt Banned and chaos socerer returns to his friends!
Black Feathers/ Blackwings: Another contender for the NEXT TOP DECK IN THE OCG!!!!
Deformer/Morphtronic: without DaDs to bully us we can be cool again!

SO many decks have been helped !, the age of trouble is OVER !

Now is Probably the best time own a BF or Lightsworn deck cuz reason being , ITS GONNA BE A HELL OF A GOOD 6 MONTHS!!! before konami realizes their mistake of making them!!!

were not banned, limited ,semied or even exported to Mars!

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