Thursday, February 19, 2009

A new era??!: Lightsworns

Since the release of LODT Lightsworns have been a classic favourite. At first the thought of Milling yourself was ridiculous but after reading effects like Celestia , Judgement Dragon and Lumina OCG players realized that ' Hey heres somethng else we could use against DaD' and so Lightlords as they were called in the OCG were added into the pro circuit in Japan.

Despite popularity with other decks like Tele-DaD,STUN and GBs in the TCG, TragoGenex, Beast Synchro, Undead Synchro and D.D. GBs in the OCG, Lightsworns proved to be a force that rivals everything.

With Lyla and lumina as spellcasters the secret village of the spellcasters saw less play in the OCG , Judgement Dragon himself was easier to play in this format and had the Atk cap of 3000!!! No wonder People have claimed that this card was better than Dark Armed and Stardust!!

With the March Banlist of 2009, the Lightsworn decks have higher chances of topping the next 6 months until the next list, lets analyze an OCG lightsworn.

OCG lightsworn decks DO NOT have Charge of the Light Brigade and Ehren as they were TCG exclusive, you can imagine how hard it was to face DaD decks without those key cards.

2 JD [ Obvious]

3 Lumina [ Primary summoner always at 3]

2 to 3 Lyla [ Depends if your opponent plays heavy s/t . OCG is usually in 3s as this can is considered the subsitue for Ehren!]

1 Jain [ at 1 is fine as his usually for JD summoning requirements]

1 to 2 Garoth [ He is useful for extra milling and hand advantage]

2 to 3 wulf [ A good debate is whether one should max this out as sometimes he can be a dead draw]

2 to 3 celestia: The Monarch for Lightsworns, always good to max if you run a build of 22 to 26 monsters, in my opinion one of the best milling as 4 cards is ALOT!]

2 to 3 Necro Gardna: The last card any non LS duelist wants to face, good for preventing otk, usually players max this guy out as he is discard material for lumina,Monster reincarnation or Foolish burial.

1 Zombie carrier/Plaguespreader zombie : This is the ONLY tuner LS is using right now due to the fact that he is a mill target and a hand discard material.

3 Honest: The Best battle trick since shrink!!! He fits so well with the LS as he is Light and works for Light!!!

1 Ryko: why not more in an LS build? well he has to be set and in this format setting is something not to be done as Nobleman of crossout is at unlimited ,but he deserves mention as he helps mill 3 cards.


3 solar recharge: Note that this card is the draw engine for LS

1 COSR: Being limited and the only card in LS decks to get hit by Banlist !!! Lumina's special summoning effect would be without 1 bonus card draw!

2 to 3 Monster reincarnation: A good card to get back your JD should he be unfortunately milled, also good for discarding a deadhand wulf,Necro Gardna or zombie carrier.Beware of DD Crow though.

2 cold wave: good with a combo with Lyla but only use when you dot have that many spells / traps in your hand!


2 to3 threathening roar: Should something go wrong its good to be safe for 1 turn!

2 to3 beckoning light: Preferred in 2 s as 3 = dead draw!!! This is a trap alternative for Monster reincarnation as it dumps massive amounts of Necro gardnas in the GY all at once.

3 Royal Decree: Better in the Side deck as Beckoning light is too good a trap to be negated.

3 imperial iron wall: this card counters LS's weakness: D.D. decks. However note that D.D. decks will side in Dust tornado or Breaker!!!

3 Shadow imprisoning mirror: in the TCG this may be seen as unnessesary due to Tele-DaD but this is important against Black Feathers in OCG.

Weaknessses of The LS:

D.D. decks
Light imprisoning mirror
over milling

Well that concludes this LS article!!!
Play and fun !!!!

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  1. Even now, Lightsworns are probably the most powerful deck. They can use their milling effects to the advantage PSzombie, Glow-up bulb, Wulf. Even with Charge at 1, Honest at 2, lumina at 1 JD at 2 and necro at 1, they can still win qiute fast. They can take BW and Glads easily, if used properly.