Monday, February 16, 2009

How to start out

Hello , This is my blog dedicated to Yugioh .

To accomodate to TCG and OCG players i will do my best to explain the effects of the cards in OCG and rulings of certain cards.

My first topic is on how to start out in Yugioh , i have been playing this game since Spell ruler was out so if i take it from my experience it will be very inaccurate as YGO wasnt the best at that time it was Magic .

When the first Banlist appeared i figured it was time to take tme off YGO as i didnt like where this was going , in mid 2007 i come back to see an improvement in the game with structure decks on different themes out and more players of old coming back.

Now enough of my rambling, if you want to start out in YGO you must consider 2 things:

Budget : when playing competitively you would need $ to buy new cards to equip your deck. In my opinion , Cards in your Album [ Binder in the TCG] can also be deemed as a form of Budget as it helps in TRADING , an important skill that gets players from place to place. Don't need a Card? dont toss it away keep it in your Album as Trade bait. But becareful not to get SCAMMED, something that newer players tend be victims of.

Deck: Your deck gives you the ability to play the game, 40 to 60 cards in a deckbox that signifies your legacy in YGO.

Some tips you can use is to get friends in YGO to help and guide you , they can be fellow starters or Experts who don't mind helping you.

Also when there are enough of Duelists in your group, try forming a team.

Remember that in a team you are:

- Harder to be a victim of scam
- Able to improve through constant playtesting and modification with your friends or team mates

Playtesting is a term for training decks by dueling , each duelist has a limit of playtesting before their head hurts, for me its 10 to 25 times, but once your head starts hurting drink some water as it cools you down.

Also when you do start out you must know the RULES of yugioh and the cards. OCG cards unreadable? try going to sites on the internet like

Also if your an OCG player you can check out the following site:

This site confirms upcoming products from Konami and has proven to be very reliable.

If your a TCG player note that TCG closely follows the OCG but the only difference being that certan cards are unavailable in TCG and that TCG will have some TCG cards that are exclusive.

Thats all for my first post!!

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