Tuesday, June 23, 2009

How to make a Deck or How to feel like making a Deck Part 1

Long time since my last post, Writer's Block and Worlds Qualifier can do this to your head sometimes.

Hello and welcome to a new fearture length Article that you may or may not feel like reading if you have the following effects:

- Feel bored reading this
- Don't want to make your 'own' deck , would rather netdeck
- Im too lazy, Nomad suffer from Writer's block,i suffer from Reader's block!

If so go smack yourself on the head and start re reading from the top.

Today we are going to analyse how to make a deck and why we shouldn't simply Netdeck.

What is a Deck?? Is it something that we use to play a card game?

Or is it something we can call our own? Our Own creation.

Lets see,

A funny thing about decks is that they then be judged differently by different players but 1 kind of deck any player or most of any player would be Competitive decks.

A scale of a Player's judgement of Decks

Poorly made deck >>>> Obviously not well received.
The 'I tried to use my Brain to make one' Deck>>> If poorly made then it can end up like the above or if well made look below
Well designed and Structured Decks>>> Can be Tournament Worthy.
Ok Confirm can Top 2 Deck>>> Has been field tested properly with good results.
Everyone wants to play this deck!>>>At this level Deck can 'convert' more users to build its kind.
Everyone Plays this>>>> Level whereby it is now Meta breaking and everyone is making this deck for themselves!

However, lets look at the phases a Deck goes through before being made:

Owner's Playing Style [ Slow paced,Fast paced,swarmer,Aggro ]

Owner's Preference [ eg. i prefer to run Gale over Armageddon knight etc]

Owner's Budget [ Getting Boosters or single cards ]

and Overall Skill level of the Duelist.

After much research and thought, the deck must run by the following:

- Theme: A symbol and style of what the deck will become

- Strategy: 1 or more Strategies available to the player fixed into the deck.

-Synergy:How well the deck will run.

Notice that these factors are the things ASSUMED to be in top form in the mindset of a Netdecker.

Lets talk About Netdecking.

Netdecking: Copying a Deck from an online source ( eg. Forums like Pojo,TCGPlayer.com)

Now its easy to Netdeck, this has been proven as we all see the same deck being used but with a slight 1 or 2 card change.

Lets do something and pretend we are in Netdecking mode ( its in all of us .)
Find a deck you LIKE , something you ve never made but are now seeing in front of you.

As you are 'Copying' the Deck,card for card, think for a minute.

"After i DO make the deck can i get it to work or even can i use it successfully"

People Netdeck because they Either:

-Want to be strong but don't know how to.
- New to the game and want to make a new for themselves
- Wants to 'archive' the deck
- Driven to this because of an upcoming Tourney or event and has been losing with his creation

Note: I don't Hate or look down on Netdecking , but i have friends who Netdeck and it is sometimes because their 'fun' Factor in Yugioh is lost to them, Now theres only :

1.Copy Deck,change abit then use

2. Win or lose
-if lose go back to 1.

It repeats.

After doing this multiple times, the mindset sets in and we have a case whereby Yugioh becomes a Game for Netdeckers.

However, Decks like Black Feather/BlackWing would have a standard of cards that will be a must to use like 3 Gale ,3 Qualat/Kalut etc.
Building a Deck like this only needs common sense for some parts then player deckskill for the remainder.

I guess this is the part where i leave you to Your thoughts



  1. i hope this is really just part 1 cause u haven't really gone into topic!! but good article, true there are really too many netdeckers around!!

  2. You are rigth, the fun and competives is hard to combine.